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Perspectiva Consultants is an independent Public Affairs consultancy with experience in Local Government, the Scottish Parliament, the Stormont Assembly, Westminster and the European Union.

The company

Perspectiva Consultants is an independent Public Affairs consultancy with experience in Local Government, the Scottish Parliament, the Stormont Assembly, Westminster, and the European Union.

  • Public affairs
  • Strategic political guidance
  • Stakeholder management and engagement
  • Political / policy analysis
  • Political intelligence
  • Parliamentary monitoring
  • Strategic communications within planning
  • Collaborative agency approach
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation management
  • Media management

Tweets @PerspectivaView

  • perspectivaview profile imageWe would caution against using polls which provide information like this. Only the SNP returned to Westminster is questionable- the number of people asked in each constituency will be in single figures. Remember a sample of 1300 equates to 2 responses from each constituency.
    perspectivaview profile image🚨 New seat estimate by @ElectCalculus shows Labour landslide (+/- since 2019): 🔴 Lab 362 (+159) 🔵 Con 188 (-177) 🟡 SNP 59 (+11) 🟠 LD 16 (+5) 🟢 Grn 1 (-) ⚪️ Oth 24 (+2) Result: Labour majority of 74 seats. Via @FindoutnowUK / @ElectCalculus, 13 Jan 2022 Twitter embedded image 2 days ago
    2 hours ago
  • perspectivaview profile imageWe wonder if @DavidDavisMP has submitted a letter to @SirGrahamBrady
    perspectivaview profile image"In the name of God, go!" former Brexit Secretary @DavidDavisMP is the first Tory MP to tell @BorisJohnson to quit - to his face & in public 4 hours ago
    3 hours ago
  • perspectivaview profile imageToday at #PMQs,
    perspectivaview profile imageYou have sat there too long for all the good you have done - in the name of God go says @DavidDavisMP - PM says he does know know what he is talking about 4 hours ago
    4 hours ago
  • perspectivaview profile imageMerely for information
    perspectivaview profile imageA very warm welcome to Christian Wakeford MP! The new Labour MP for Bury South. 🌹 Twitter embedded image 5 hours ago
    5 hours ago
  • STVKathryn profile imageOne senior Tory has messaged me to say they are hearing there might be a statement from Sir Graham Brady first thing tomorrow morning and that the PM has been told tonight. Not confirmed - but there’s a sense of real movement tonight. #DowningStreetParties 19 hours ago by STVKathryn
  • perspectivaview profile imageWe circulated a similar post a few days ago. @tracey_crouch try #Lostbox
    perspectivaview profile imageI've made up some elaborate story about Cuddles going on an adventure. Freddie is fine. Truth is I'm not. Because really it was a substitute for cuddles with my boy while I'm away. And I don't care how old and grown up I'm supposed to be I'm going to miss that bear. Twitter embedded image 1 day ago in reply to tracey_crouch
    1 day ago
  • CrownEstateScot profile imageToday, we’ve announced the results of ScotWind, the first Scottish offshore wind leasing round in a decade. This is an early but important step towards building the next generation of offshore wind projects. bit.ly/3roSWzH 1/3 #ScotWind #NetZero #OffshoreWind Twitter embedded image 2 days ago by CrownEstateScot
  • perspectivaview profile imageAs we are based in the city, we have a duty to retweet this #lostbox
    perspectivaview profile imageWe’ve just found this wee one outside the station reception! Can you help us track down their human? We’ll keep them safe until then! @Glasgow_Live @Glasgow_Times @ScotRail Twitter embedded image 2 days ago
    2 days ago
  • perspectivaview profile imageMake this number 6 #BorisJohnson
    perspectivaview profile imageI have regretfully come to the conclusion that Boris Johnson’s position is now untenable, that his resignation is the only way to bring this whole unfortunate episode to an end and I am working with colleagues to impress that view on Number 10. facebook.com/TimLoughton… 3 days ago
    3 days ago
  • christopherhope profile imageEXCLUSIVE: Longtime Brexiteer Tory MP Andrew Bridgen submits letter of 'no confidence' in Boris Johnson over 'moral vacuum' in government. Bridgen becomes the fifth Tory to say Johnson must go. Listen on Chopper's Politics podcast: telegraph.co.uk/politics… @ChoppersPodcast 5 days ago by christopherhope

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