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Perspectiva Consultants is an independent Public Affairs consultancy with experience in Local Government, the Scottish Parliament, the Stormont Assembly, Westminster and the European Union.

The company

Perspectiva Consultants is an independent Public Affairs consultancy with experience in Local Government, the Scottish Parliament, the Stormont Assembly, Westminster, and the European Union.

  • Public affairs
  • Strategic political guidance
  • Stakeholder management and engagement
  • Political / policy analysis
  • Political intelligence
  • Parliamentary monitoring
  • Strategic communications within planning
  • Collaborative agency approach
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation management
  • Media management

Tweets @PerspectivaView

  • Caledoniapa2 profile imageCongratulations to @AnasSarwar on his victory...and to @MonicaLennon7 on a well fought contest. Think we can all agree that a Scottish politics needs a strong decent opposition..A point well illustrated by @jackiebmsp in the past few days. 1 day ago by Caledoniapa2
  • EUROPEN_ORG profile image👏Interesting webinar by the @theglassloop initiative today to drive the glass #Packaging value chain forward for a strong #circulareconomy in Europe ♻️
    perspectivaview profile image#ClosetheGlassLoop is one major pathway the European #glasspackaging industry has designed to ensure its transition towards a climate-neutral #CircularEconomy. We are strongly committed to achieve 90% #glasspackaging collection target in collaboration with the whole value chain. Twitter embedded image 3 days ago
    2 days ago by EUROPEN_ORG
  • spiritsEUROPE profile imageVincent McGovern from @DrinksIreland underlined at the EP Intergroup on Wine and Spirits what are the real daily issues faced by Irish spirits producers as an impact of #Brexit related to the rules of origin, labelling, Groupage, etc. Twitter embedded image 2 days ago by spiritsEUROPE
  • nickeardleybbc profile imageAlex Salmond's appearance at the Holyrood inquiry will be live on the @BBCNews channel and @BBCParliament from 1230 2 days ago by nickeardleybbc
  • FeveEU profile imageSandra Santos from BA Vidro, recycling #glasspackaging to #closetheglassloop is not a technical issue in most cases, but an availability and quality issue, that's why there is need to collect more and better #90minutes #circulareconomy Twitter embedded image 2 days ago by FeveEU
  • SpiritedUlrich profile imageTune in now to hear about how the @spiritsEUROPE sector is moving forward to achieve our ambitious 2030 targets on glass #packaging, collection & recycling!
    perspectivaview profile imageOur colleague and sustainability expert, Niall Walker will present during today’s #CloseTheGlassLoop on what is needed to achieve ambitious targets on glass #packaging. Join the conversation! @theglassloop @FeveEU Twitter embedded image 3 days ago
    3 days ago by SpiritedUlrich
  • spiritsEUROPE profile imageGreat news!! looks like EU & US are aligned on the importance to resolve the trade dispute 🍸The success of the spirits sector on both sides of the Atlantic is mutually reinforcing, so let's go back quickly to the zero-for-zero agreement. See why here 👉 bit.ly/3uygrqD
    perspectivaview profile imageKatherine Tai certainly responded positively to the questions on the Airbus-Boeing dispute just now. She seems very interested in discussing a plan with the EU to resolve the dispute. Let's hope negotiations can start ASAP, for both disputes (aircrafts + steel & aluminium) Twitter embedded image 3 days ago in reply to BastidonPauline
    3 days ago by spiritsEUROPE
  • DiageoEU profile imageThank you @FeveEU and as Niall mentioned, this is the decade of collaboration and to drive real change across society. It's encouraging to see all partners and value chain on board!
    perspectivaview profile imageThe #glasspackaging industry keen to support @DiageoEU and all customers in achieving sustainability targets with #FurnaceForTheFuture to decarbonize production #closetheglassloop #90minutes #circulareconomy . See feve.org/about-glass/fur… 3 days ago
    3 days ago by DiageoEU
  • theglassloop profile imageVanessa Chesnot from @FeveEU: "Today's discussion has made it very clear we need to bring together all public & private players involved in glass collection and recycling value chain to reach our objectives, and that’s really what #ClosetheGlassLoop is all about." ♻️ #90Minutes
    3 days ago by theglassloop
  • 10DowningStreet profile imageUPDATE: The Chief Medical Officers in all four nations have decided to move the COVID Alert Level down from level 5 to level 4. It is crucial we all continue to follow the guidelines. ➡️ gov.uk/government/news/c… Twitter embedded image 3 days ago by 10DowningStreet

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