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Our experience

Over the years, Perspectiva Consultants have worked with a variety of clients over a range of sectors.

Case Study 1 – a port

In April 2015, Perspectiva Consultants were engaged by a Port to establish their public affairs strategy from a zero base. The new Chief Executive decided that there was a significant requirement to raise the profile of the Port with all political stakeholders to achieve their Masterplan objectives.

Perspectiva Consultants constructed the initial stakeholder engagement map and from this the first significant stakeholder engagement grid. Within the first six months, positive relationships had been either made or built upon with the local MP, the constituency MSP and 4 of the Regional MSPs of different political persuasions. Engagement commenced at both the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments with active participation in both Cross Party Groups and All-Party Parliamentary Groups. The European dimension of the stakeholder engagement has not been ignored and this shall be implemented within the coming months. Montrose Port Authority have received a visit from Rt Hon. Chris Grayling MP, Secretary of State for Transport and Humza Yousaf MSP, the then Cabinet Secretary for Transport. In March 2019, Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Environment Climate Change & Land Reform visited the Port to gain knowledge and understanding of the impact of her policies on one of Scotland's oldest trading organisations. We are currently in discussions regarding visits from various, Cabinet Secretaries and other elected members for the area.

Business and communication objectives were agreed at the beginning of the engagement process and these are reviewed at specified points. These key messages are woven into all engagement to ensure that a consistent message is being reinforced with elected members. To date by working with Perspectiva Consultants over the past 4 years, the Port have saved a seven-figure sum.

Case Study 2 - an energy company

In November 2016, Perspectiva Consultants were engaged by an energy company to assist and enhance the public affairs strategy. With a large organisation, based over a number of sites, Perspectiva have been requested to pull together the public affairs engagement strategy for the organisation ensuring that elected members at both the Scottish and Westminster Parliaments are aware of the business and the impact of it, at local, Scottish and UK levels. Engagement commenced at Scottish level with a Parliamentary reception and site visits. A stakeholder grid has been produced in order to record engagement and as a reference point in order to track MSPs, in terms of meetings and interest within the relevant subject areas. Several meetings have also been arranged with constituency members, which include Cabinet Secretaries. Within a period of less than 5 months the energy company had engaged with approximately 10% of the Scottish Parliament.

Case Study 3 - a government

In 2011, Perspectiva Consultants were asked by the Government of an Overseas Territory to assist with the organisation of their reception at the Liberal Democrats autumn conference. This was the first time in over 10 years that the Government of Gibraltar had hosted such an event.

After consultation with the London Office, it was agreed that this would be a niche event and that the invitations would only be sent to representatives who were interested in international and European matters in particular.

Perspectiva Consultants were responsible for the room booking for the event, the drawing up of the guest list which was a highly tailored guest list to their particular needs and also for the confirmation of attendance of the relevant MPs, MSPs, Minister and Members of the House of Lords.

On the day of the event, the Perspectiva Consultants team were available prior to the reception, for the room set up by the venue team, and to advise the representatives from the Government of Gibraltar, including the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and other Ministers of the attendees as they entered the reception.

The Perspectiva Consultants Team also assisted with the breakdown of the event venue and the analysis of the event in order to plan for the next annual reception.

This event was so successful that it has now become an annual event.

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